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  1. 100-Foot Barge : 100-Foot Barge is a spectacular dive site named after its depth of one hundred feet deep.
  2. Artificial Reef Site 2 : Artificial Reef Site 2 or Eidsvag Triangle is a triangular corridor with three beautiful wrecks.
    1. Eidsvag and Owens : Both the freighters Eidsvag and Owens are covered with soft corals such as gorgonians and algae.
    2. Murphy's Barge : A small barge named Murphy's Barge sank in 1985 to create a triangle of wrecks for divers.
    3. Rolls Royce : There are not many places in the world where you can dive at a once mint coloured Rolls Royce.
  3. Bath and Tennis Reef : One of the better shore dives is Bath and Tennis Reef, famous for its excellent underwater colors.
  4. Black Rock : Black Rock stands out to the normal twenty feet high ledges rising up from the bottom.
  5. Blue Heron Bridge : The Blue Heron Bridge dive is known for its dense marine life and great macro photography muck diving site.
  6. Breakers Reef : Breakers Reef is a two mile long ledge decorated with the best samples of soft corals.
  7. Budweiser Tony Combination : The Budweiser Tony Combination is a small dive area where two famous wrecks are connected to another by trails of rubble.
    1. Budweiser Bar Wreck : One of the best diving sites offshore Palm Beach is the Budweiser Bar Wreck with its excellent full grown coral formations.
    2. Captain Tony or MV Becks : The M/V Becks or Captain Tony is an intact dive site in memory of a professional diver who died when being hit by a drunken boat driver.
    3. Genesis Reef : Genesis Reef is an artificial reef that mainly consists out of blocks of concrete.
    4. M/V Castor : Cocaine buried below bags of sugar finally meant the end of the M/V Castor.
  8. Cable Crossing : Cable Crossing is a dive site named after a huge telecommunication line that runs through it.
  9. Colson's Barge : Colson's Barge attracts quite some wildlife as she is the only reef found in the area.
  10. Delray Wreck or S.S. Inchulva : Delray Wreck or the S.S. Inchulva sank in front of Delray Beach during a hurricane back in 1903.
  11. Double Ledges : Double Ledges or South Doubles is one of the deeper and lovelier reefs of Palm Beach.
  12. Flower Gardens : Flower Gardens has vivid marine and coral life at its shoreward side and some pelagic and finger coral seawards.
  13. Governor's River Walk Reef : The Governor's River Walk Reef was dedicated to Governor Jeb Bush in his actions against drug smuggling and drugs in particular.
    1. Gilbert Sea : Gilbert Sea used to be a Dutch ship which was seized after illegal cocaine transportation.
    2. Shasha Boekanier : MV Shasha Boekanier was one of the vessels in the Governor's River Walk Reef dedicated to Jeb Bush for his efforts in fighting crime.
    3. St Jacques : The St Jacques is one of the ships that was seized smuggling cocaine during Operation Riverwalk.
    4. Thozina : The MV Thozina was caught in early 2002 smuggling drugs into the harbour of Miami.
  14. Horseshoe Reef : Horseshoe Reef or Horseshoe Ledge is known for its large amount of resident turtles during summer.
  15. Jap Rock : Jap Rock is a nice shore dive site which consists out of many large rocks dropped on top of one another.
  16. Jupiter High Ledge : Jupiter High Ledge and Jupiter Lighthouse are several of the easy dive sites just off Jupiter.
  17. Jupiter Wreck Trek : Jupiter Wreck Trek is one of many multi-ship dives possible of Palm Beach County.
    1. Esso Bonaire III : The Esso Bonaire III is a great diving wreck fully covered in coral and amazing marine life.
    2. Miss Jenny : Miss Jenny is a nice collapsed barge perfect for divers interested in algae hydroids, sponges and hard corals.
    3. Zion Train : Zion Train is a cargo vessel known more for its interesting history than for its marine life.
  18. Larson's Valley & Yellowtail Reef : Larson's Valley and Yellowtail Reef are perfect drift dives along a small ledge full of marine action.
  19. Outfall Trench : The Trench is a Boca Raton sewage pipe nowadays overgrown with several types of coral.
  20. Palm Beach Inlet : Some of the oldest wrecks in Palm Beach; the Mispah, Amaryllis and PC1170 are often combined in a drift dive.
    1. Amaryllis Wreck : The Amaryllis is a huge steel freighter full of game fish and pelagic species.
    2. Mispah Wreck : Diving at one of the best dive sites in Palm Beach; the Greek luxury vessel the Mispah.
    3. PC 1170 : Patrol ship PC 1170 has been made famous for its huge schools of moray eels.
  21. Paul's Reef : Paul's Reef is one of the most coloured reefs in the Palm Beach area.
  22. Playpen and Rock Pile : Diving at this with garbage covered dive site named the Playpen and Rock Pile.
  23. Princess Anne Ferry : The Princess Anne Ferry sank in 1933 after ferrying passengers and automobiles across Chesapeake Bay.
  24. San Remo : Dive site San Remo is diving at part of the third reef line in front of Boca Raton Inlet, Palm Beach.
  25. Shark Ledge : Shark Ledge houses many reef sharks but is actually named after its form that looks like a large shark from out of the air.
  26. Simpson's Barge : Simpson's Barge is one of the few smaller barges which provides for some excellent unspoilt diving.
  27. Snapper Reef : Snapper Reef consists of a few holes with coral on a sandy ocean floor.
  1. Ancient Mariner : The Ancient Mariner was a floating restaurant along Lauderdale's River district but got bankrupt after a hepatitis A outbreak onboard.
  2. Copenhagen Wreck : The Copenhagen Wreck or Cumberland Barge is a shallow and old wreck completely entangled with the natural reef.
  3. Cruz Del Sur or Southern Cross : Diving at one of Miami's technical dive sites, the Cruz Del Sur or Southern Cross.
  4. Fishers Pedestal : Three mushroom shaped coral heads form a triangle like dive site named Fishers Pedestal.
  5. Hammerhead Reef : Hammerhead Reef is one of the top drift dives along the outer shores of Fort Lauderdale.
  6. Jay Scutti : Diving at artificial reef the Jay Scutti, schooner Pride and sailboat Moonshot, B.H. Lake.
  7. Jim Atria Wreck or Poinciana : Diving at this huge Dutch freighter named the Jim Atria Wreck or Poinciana.
  8. Mercedes Wreck : The Mercedes Wreck got famous because it ran aground an exclusive mansion.
  9. Noula Express : The Noula Express was one of the first vessels that was brought to the ocean floor without heavy explosions.
  10. Rebel or St Andrea : The Rebel or St Andrea is a classic single tank dive site diving against the current first and relaxing on the way back.
  11. Robert Edmister or Cape Gull : Diving this search and rescue operation boat the Robert Edmister is one of the best wreck experiences in Fort Lauderdale.
  12. Rodeo 25 : The Rodeo 25 is the name for a Dutch ship being sunk during the anniversary of the Pompano Beach Fishing Rodeo.
  13. Tenneco Towers or Oil Platforms : Tenneco Towers is Lauderdale's largest artificial reef with five oil platforms at different depths near each other.
  14. Touchdown : Dive site Touchdown is named after two buildings that look like a large goal.
  1. Belzona : Diving around several tugboats named Belzona at less than one hundred feet of one another.
  2. Biscayne or Banana Freighter : Diving at dive site Biscayne or Banana Freighter, a wreck made famous because of its secret scuttling.
  3. Deep Freeze : Diving at steel freighter Deep Freeze famous for divers, fishermen and spear fishers.
  4. DEMA Trader or GGD Trader : Diving at dive site DEMA Trader which was caught by patrol boats smuggling drugs.
  5. Emerald Reef : Emerald Reef is a colourful reef dive site with enough marine life in clear shallow waters.
  6. Haulover Artificial Reef Site : Diving Haulover Artificial Reef Site is known because of the wrecks Narwal and Andro.
    1. Andro : The Andro was one of Germany's top luxury yachts before the United States confiscated it and turned it into a war ship.
    2. Narwal : Shipwreck the Narwal is one of the best known wrecks scuttled in the Haulover Artificial Reef Site.
  7. Orion : Diving at this fantastic American tugboat named the Orion Wreck
  8. Rio Miami : Dive site Rio Miami was filmed sinking for ABC's 20/20 television show which added on to its popularity
  9. Sheri-Lynn : Diving at dive site Sheri-Lynn which was donated to DERM after a unpaid docking period of one year.
  10. South Seas : Diving at South Seas will remind you of one of Europe's biggest dictators, Adolph Hitler.
  11. Sunny Isles Reef Site : The Sunny Isles Reef Site is an area with several wrecks and tons of boulders.
    1. C-One : The C-One or Christina is one of the dive sites that was scuttled at the cost of another wreck named Captain Donald.
    2. Conception : Diving at a Honduran freighter named Conception which has the honour to be one of the most expensive wrecks scuttled near Miami.
  12. Tarpoon Wreck or Medor Herode : The Tarpoon Wreck was named after the international well respected owner of dive center Tarpoon Skin Diving Center.
  13. Tortuga Wreck or Fair Game : The Tortuga was sunk in order of the producer of the movie Fair Game with Cindy Crawford and William Baldwin.
  14. Ultra Freeze : Dive wreck Ultra Freeze got its name because it used to be transport ship meant to keep meat and vegetables cool.
  15. Wreck Trek or Anchorage Artificial Reef : Anchorage Artificial Reef is often referred to as Wreck Trek because of its many wrecks connected with each other.
    1. Army Tanks and Rock Pile : Diving at several army tanks; war items cannot often be dived at, which makes this dive site special.
    2. Koppin Memorial Reef or Billy's Barge : Koppin Memorial Reef or Billy's Barge is dedicated to the death of a Miami biker.
    3. Mathew Lawrence, No 7 : Dive site Mathew Lawrence is named after a diver who died while diving on the famous wreck Andrea Doria.
    4. Miss Karline or Miss Karlene : Shipwreck Miss Karline is a great 85 foot long wreck dive if you like exploring wrecks.
    5. Patricia : Diving at Patricia ship wreck which used to be a steel tugboat until it was scuttled in June 1990.
    6. Radio Tower Pyramids, Ben's Antenna Reef : Diving Radio Tower Pyramids, a dive site consisting out of 19 tetrahedron shaped antennas.
    7. Shamrock : Dive site Shamrock is a shallow military vessel used for transporting troops.
  1. Almirante : The Almirante is a 200 foot long shipwreck serving as a US Army supply ship during WWII.
  2. Bluefire : Diving at a huge steel cargo freighter named the Bluefire
  3. Doc De Milly : Doc De Milly is an artificial reefs that was brought to the ocean floor with the help of Air Force and its cluster bombs.
  4. Erl King :
  5. Florida Mangroves : Florida Mangroves is the best known mangrove forest dive site inside Biscayne Bay, Florida Keys.
  6. Fowey Reef : Fowey Reef is an excellent diving area with a wreck named Arakanapka, some shallow coral gardens near its lighthouse and excellent marine and coral life.
    1. Long Reef : Diving at some of the wrecks of Long Reef
      1. Alicia : Divingat dive site the Alicia, a three masted steamship.
      2. Lugano : Diving at the Lugano which was a passenger transport ship between Britain and Florida.
      3. Mandalay : Dive site the Mandalay is diving at a double masted sail ship at its best.
    1. Benwood : The Benwood sank after it collided with the Tuttle because they both were sailing without lights afraid for German submarines.
    2. Bibb : Diving at dive site Bibb which is a United States Coast Guard cutter located on its starboard side.
    3. Carysfort Reef : Diving at several dive sites at Carysfort Reef, around the famous lighthouse
      1. Carysfort Lighthouse : Diving at dive site Carysfort Lighthouse
      2. Carysfort Reef South and HMS Winchester : Diving at dive site Carysfort Reef South and HMS Winchester
      3. Carysfort Trench, Ledge, Wall : Diving at dive site Carysfort Ledge, Carysfort Trench or Carysfort Wall
    4. Dry Rocks : Dry Rocks is diving at a collection of shallow and small reefs perfect for both snorkellers and divers.
      1. Christ of the Abyss : Dive site Christ of the Abyss, Christ of the Deep or simply the Statue of Key Largo Dry Rocks.
      2. North Dry Rocks or Minnow Cave : Diving at North Dry Rocks and the Minnow Cave, which is one of the best coral caves in Florida, is a great dive to do.
      3. North North Dry Rocks : Just north of North Dry Rocks is another shallow patch of coral reef known as North North Dry Rocks.
    5. Duane : Diving at shipwreck the USCG Cutter the Duane
    6. Elbow Reef : Diving at the reef dive sites, shipwrecks and ledges of Elbow Reef or Wreck Reef.
      1. City of Washington : Diving at dive site City of Washington made famous for rescuing passengers from the USS Maine during the Spanish American war.
      2. Civil War Wreck : Diving at the Civil War Wreck should only be done by divers who love large amounts of fish.
      3. Mike's Wreck : Dive site Mike's Wreck is believed to be a part of one of its neighbouring wrecks.
      4. Nelsons Ledge : Drift diving along a nice mini wall named Nelsons Ledge full of barrel sponges and marine reef fish.
      5. Tonawanda : The Tonawanda was a US Navy ship used during the Civil War blockade campaign in the Gulf of Mexico.
      6. Train Wheel Wreck or Tug and Barge : Diving at dive site Train Wheel Wreck or Tug and Barge seeing great aquatic life.
    7. French Reef : Diving at several of the beautiful caves of French Reef
      1. Horseshoe Reef : Horseshoe Reef can be one of the best diving sites near Key Largo especially after calm days and inshore currents.
      2. Molasses Reef : Diving at one of the top diving locations in the world; Molasses Reef is one of the best known reefs in the Keys.
        1. Fire Coral Cave : A nice dive site named Fire Coral Cave houses several small caves and caverns full of marine life.
        2. Molasses Reef Deep : Dive the seaward dive sites of Molasses Reef which are right next to the Gulf Stream, providing for excellent conditions for pelagic.
        3. Molasses Reef North : Diving at the northern parts of Molasses Reef where you will be blown away by the amount of fish that live here.
        4. Other : Diving at several other dive sites at Molasses Reef all marked by different marking buoys.
        5. Permit Ledge : Permit Ledge is a dive site with frequently sightings of schools of permits.
        6. Spanish Anchor : Spanish Anchor is an old 17th or 18th century Spanish anchor overgrown with coral.
        7. Windlass Wreck or Winch Hole : Diving at a shipwreck named the Windlass Wreck, The Winch or The Winch Hole.
      3. Turtle Reef or Turtle Rocks : Turtle Reef or Turtle Rocks is the place to go to see turtles and a wreck named the Thiorva.
        1. Thiorva Wreck : An unknown shipwreck named the Thiorva has been located at the northern edge of Turtle Reef.
        2. Turtle Rocks : If you want to see turtles you should visit Turtle Reef or Turtle Rocks just north of Key Largo.
      4. USS Spiegel Grove : The USS Spiegel Grove is probably the largest artificial reef that has even been intentionally sunk for diving purposes.
      5. White Bank Gardens : Dive site White Bank Gardens consists out of some shallow reef patches with a sandy channel in between.
        1. Alligator Reef : Alligator Reef is a perfect shallow low current and high visibility dive area famous for snorkellers and divers.
          1. Alligator Gully : A quiet dive site with many valleys and ledges that create a gully named Alligator Gully.
          2. USS Alligator : The USS Alligator is one of the navy warships that helped in future legislation preventing the slave trade.
        2. Canabis Cruiser or Pot Wreck : Cannabis Cruiser is the name of a ship that sank itself in a last attempt not to get caught carrying drugs.
        3. Conch Reef : Diving at the dive sites around Conch Reef whether it are wall dives or brilliant reef dives.
          1. Aquarius Underwater Labaratory : Diving at dive site Aquarius Underwater Labaratory, one of the first underwater research centers.
          2. Conch Wall : Diving at this mini wall named Conch Wall
        4. Crocker Reef : Wall and coral ridges are some of the specification which can be done on Crocker Reef.
          1. Crocker Ridges : Diving at a dive site full of underwater ridges named Crocker Ridges
          2. Crocker Wall : Diving at mini wall and drift dive site named Crocker Wall
        5. Davis Reef : Davis Reef or Davis Ledge is a very popular diving and snorkelling destination for dive boats in Islamorada.
        6. Eagle : Diving at shipwreck the Eagle or Aaron K donated by the Eagle Tire Company
        7. Hen & Chickens Reef : Hen and Chickens Reef consists out of a large patch surrounded by smaller patches as a mother chicken surrounded by its chicks.
        8. Little Conch Reef : Diving at shallow dive site Little Conch Reef famous for its legal lobstering.
        9. Spanish Galleons : Diving at several Spanish Galleons that wrecked in 1733 by a hurricane
          1. El Capitan : Diving at shipwreck El Capitan a Spanish Galleon
          2. El Infante : Diving at dive site El Infante or Nuestra Senora de Balvaneda
          3. San Jose : Looking for coins at dive site Spanish Galeon San Jose
          4. Tres Puentes : Dive site Tres Puentes is one of the lesser known Spanish galleons from the silver fleet.
          1. Ivory Coast Wreck : Diving at 18th century African Slave ship named Ivory Coast Wreck.
          2. Sombrero Reef : Diving at the dive sites of Sombrero Reef with its spectacular lighthouse.
            1. Arch : Diving at the huge coral limestone formation and swimthrough named the Arch.
            2. Lighthouse : Diving nearby the Lighthouse at SombreroReef built in 1856.
          3. Thunderbolt : Diving at American ship Thunderbolt used by the Florida Power and Light company for research about lightning.
          1. 9-Foot Stake : 9 Foot Stake used to be named after a marker of nine foot high that stood on top of the shallowest part of this reef.
          2. Adolphus Busch Sr. : The Adulphus Busch Sr. was named after the help of one of their beer transport ships.
          3. Aquanaut : The Aquanaut is a small intact and upright wreck located off the Sambo Reefs.
          4. Cayman Salvage Master : The Cayman Salvage Master Shipwreck has been a minelayer, luxury yacht, buoy tender, freighter and cable layer.
            1. Joe's Tug : Joe's Tug was a 65 ft tugboat 7 miles east southeast of Key West Harbor.
            2. Looe Key : Diving at the dive sites around Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary
              1. HMS Looe : Diving at a 18th century British warship the HMS Looe
              2. Looe Key Reef : Diving at dive site Looe Key Reef
            3. Rock Key : Dive site Rock Key is one poorly marked but with excellent coral and several parts of larger wrecks.
            4. Sambo Reefs : Dive location Sambo Reefs is a collection of reefs named Eastern, Middle and Western Sambo.
            5. Sand Key : Sand Key is one of the most popular diving and snorkelling locations near Key West.
            6. Ten Fathom : Ten Fathom is a busy dive location especially because of its abundant aquatic life.
              1. All Alone : All Alone is a 75 foot long tugboat famous for spotting pelagic.
              2. Ten Fathom Ledge : Dive site Ten Fathom Ledge is famous for its smaller caves and marine life.
            7. Toppino's Reef or Toppino's Buoy : Toppino's Reef has some rare collection of perfect coral fingers rising up from the ocean floor.
            8. USNS Vandenberg : Diving at dive site the USNS Gen Hoyt S Vandenberg.
            1. Alexander's Wreck or USS Amesbury : Alexander's Wreck or USS Amesbury is a dive site featuring a navy destroyer boat in shallow waters.
            2. Dry Tortugas : Diving Dry Tortugas is diving at dive sites which have yet to be explored and named.
              1. Texas Rock : Dive site Texas Rock is diving through orange valleys and up huge pinnacles.
              2. Windjammer Site or Avanti : Diving Dry Tortugas most famous windjammer named the Avanti just south of Loggerhead Key.
            3. Marquesas Keys : Marquesas Key is the only atoll in North America consisting out of ten mangrove islands creating perfect diving conditions.
            4. Ten Fathom Bar : Dive site Ten Fathom Bar is diving at one of Florida's best mini walls.
            1. 40 Fathom Grotto : 40 Fathom Grotto is one of Florida's most famous naturally formed sinkholes
            2. Around High Springs : Diving at the many spring dive sites around a city named High Springs
              1. Devil's Springs System : Diving at Devil's Spring Eye, Devil's Spring Ear and Little Devil.
              2. Ginnie Springs : Diving at dive site Ginnie Springs with some geologic evidence about the origin of this spring.
            3. Blue Grotto : Blue Grotto is one of the largest sinkholes in Florida, a must for cave, cavern and spring enthusiasts.
            4. Devil's Den or Prehistoric Spring : Devil's Den is a prehistoric dive site where remains of sabre tooth tigers and mankind have been found.
            5. Hudson Grotto : Hudson Grotto Freshwater Dive
            6. Morrison Spring : Morrison Springs is an old spring with a history of blasting away archways to prevent more accidents from divers who got lost and stuck.
            7. Rainbow River Springs : Rainbow Springs is a small river which is often used for drift diving seeing bass and turtles on the way.
            1. Avocet Dredge Barge : Diving at the Dredge Barge Avocet which is an intact dive site created in 1991.
            2. Brass Wreck or Anchor Wreck : The Brass Wreck is actually a 250 foot long wooden schooner from the 19th century.
            3. Fort Pickens Jetties : Shore diving from the Fort Pickens Jetties is one of the best trainee dive sites in Pensacola.
            4. I-10 Bridge Rubble : The dive site I-10 Bridge Rubble is filled with fish created because of hurricane Ivan.
            5. Joseph E. Brown : Joseph E. Brown is one of the liberty ships built by civilians to support the Second World War in Europe.
            6. Joseph L. Meek : One of the liberty ships named the Joseph L. Meek was scuttled as an artificial reef just offshore Pensacola.
            7. Pete Tide II : The Pete Tide II is one of the supply ships that were used for the many oil rigs near Pensacola.
            8. San Pablo or Russian Freighter : The San Pablo sank in Puerto Limon, Costa Rica after being attacked by a German U-boat.
            9. Soule Barge :
            10. Tenneco Oil Rig :
            11. Tessie :
            12. Tex Edwards Barge : Tex Edwards Barge houses many pelagic and tropical species common for the Pensacola region.
            13. Thomas Hayward : Liberty ship Thomas Hayward helped allied forces during WWII until she hit a mine in 1946.
            14. Three Coal Barges : Near the beach of Pensacola are several coal barges often visited by resident turtles.
            15. Tug Born Again : Tug Born Again is a dive site with a hole which is often filled with crabs and lobsters.
            16. Tug Sylvia : The Sylvia is one of the better dive sites near Pensacola with loads of marine life.
            17. USS Massachusetts : The USS Massachusetts is one of the world's first steel battle ships this size and heavily armoured.
            18. USS Oriskany : The USS Oriskany CVA-34 is a US Navy aircraft carrier popular by fishermen and (technical) divers.
            19. YDT 14 Wreck : The US Navy Dive Tender 14 (YDT-14) is a wreck with loads of marine life and few coral growth.
            1. Black Bart : The Black Bart is a 185 foot long largely intact wreck formerly used for supplying oil fields.
            2. Chickasaw : The inner structure of Chickasaw is completely open and often crowded with schools of baitfish.
            3. Grey Ghost : The Grey Ghost is one of the best fishing sites not often visited by divers.
            4. USS Strength : The USS Strength is one of Florida's best known shipwrecks rewarded by battle stars for her service near Pearl Harbor.
            1. Gunsmoke : The Gunsmoke is a small shrimp boat named after a gunfight between marijuana smugglers and teens.
            2. Indian Shores Reef : Indian Shores Reef is one of the oldest artificial reefs of Florida mainly filled with old wrecks, metal and concrete.
            3. Pinellas #2 Artificial Reef Site : A small site named Pinellas #2 Artificial Reef Site lies offshore Tampa and St Petersburg.
              1. Blackthorn : The USCG Blackthorn became famous when she capsized right under the famous Sunshine Skyway Bridge after a collision with the Capricorn.
              2. Sheridan : This fantastic wreck Sheridan is one of the best diving sites near Tampa.
            4. South County Artificial Reefs : South County Artificial Reef was the first reef which was filled with rubble and brick near Tampa Bay.
              1. Orange : A great tugboat named Orange was used as a push boat for railroad barges.
              2. Site One : The first site within South County Artificial Reef, originally named Site One, is a site full of brick and concrete.
            5. St Pete Beach Reef : St Pete Beach Reef is one of the artificial reefs close to shore filled with concrete and rubble from famous bridges.
            1. Bayronto : The huge freighter Bayronto sank because of a hurricane just offshore Tampa in September 1919.
            2. Black Hole : Diving at dive site Black Hole
            3. Boca Grande Wreck : Not much is known about the Boca Grande Wreck offshore Fort Myers, East Florida.
            4. Pegasus wreck : Always wanted to dive a wreck that has been a restaurant and a casino ticket office?
            5. Santa Lucia : Shipwreck the Santa Lucia was used by immigrants from Cuba to migrate into the United States.
            1. Jacksonville Ledges : Jacksonville Ledges
            2. Nine Mile Reef : Nine Mile Reef is a dive area naturally crowded with fish and lobsters at such a short distance from Jacksonville.
            3. Paul Mains Reef : Paul Mains Reef was named in memory of a fisherman who was one of the most devoted club members.