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Lars Hemel
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Information about many dive sites which have been listed but which have not been activated.

We have many dive sites listed in our database, but for some we don't have any information yet. We would appreciate any help so email us your text (don't forget to mention to which dive site it belongs) if you have been diving at the spots below and would like to write about it. You can also add a new dive site if your dive spot isn't listed at our website yet.


Barracuda Reef, Berrys Patch, Bill Boyd, Boca Artificial Reef Ledge, Captain Dan Wreck, Caves or Twin Ledge Moorings, Donal G. McAllister, Golden Beach Boulder Reef, Guy Harvey, Hall of Fame Moorings, Hog Heaven, House Boat, John Lloyd Reef, Labonte Reef, Lauderdale Coral Gardens, Launderdale by the Sea, Mariott Reef, Mary St Phillips, Oakland Ridge Moorings, Opal Towers, Orange Reef, Rodeo Divers Artificial Reef, Sea Emperor, Spotfin Reef, Suzannes Reef, Union Express, United Caribean


African Queen, Arida, Atlantis Memorial Reef, Elliot Key, F4 Fighters, Half Moon Preserve, Jose Cuervo, Lakeland, Pipes, Princess Britney, Proteus, Spirit of Miami, Stability Reefs, Steane D'Auray, Tacoma


Bache Shoal, Bear Cut Reef and Haroldine, Arratoon Apcar, Fowey Light, Fowey Rock, Patch Reef, Virginia Reef, Wall

Key Largo

Elbow, Fingers, Grecian Rocks, Grecian Rocks Far Reef, Grecian Rocks Fore Reef, Hole in the Wall, Pickles, Sand Island, Three Sisters, White Bank North, White Bank South


Alexanders Barge, Brick Barge, Chaves, Cheeca Rocks, Herrera, Jules Underwater Lodge, Lerri, Pillar Coral Patch, Rocks, San Pedro, Snappers Ledge


Coffin Patch, Content Keys, Delta Shoal, Duck Wreck or Boiler Patch, Flagler's Barge, Gap, Herman, Herman's Behind, Herman's Hole, Horseshoe, Joanie's Reef, Samantha's Reef, Tennessee Reef, Turtle Shoal, Washerwoman Shoal

Key West

American, Dry Rocks, Eastern Dry Rocks, Western Dry Rocks, Maryland, Newfound Harbor, Pelican Shoal, USS Curb, Wilkes-Barre Wreck


Cottrell Reef, Araby Maid Wreck, Fort Jefferson Moat Wall, Sherwood Forest, U-2513, Lost Reef, Smith Shoal, USS S-16 Wreck


Alexander Springs, Apopca Spring, Blue Springs, Cherokee Sink, Crystal River Springs, Cypress Spring, DeLeon Springs, Devils Hole, Harveys Cave, Jackson Blue Spring, madison, Paradise Springs, Rhein, Sally Ward Spring, Shangri-La Springs, Troy Spring


A-7 Corsair II, Catherine, Chevron Oil Rig, Destin Bridge Rubble, Miss Louise, Mohawk Chief or Sand Dollar Artificial Reef, Tanks, Timber Holes

Panama City

Benjamin H. Grierson, Commander, E.E. Simpson Tug, Empire Mica, Leroy, Life Boats, Spanish Shanty Barge, Tarpon, USS Chippewa, Vamar

Tampa Bay

Veterans Reef


Collier 5 Mile Reef, Fantastico, Isabell, Kidd Wreck, Mine Sweeper, Naples Barge, Naples Ledges, paddle wheeler, roatan exporess, Tea Cup Ledges, Tower


Acosta Bridge Bubbles, Amberjack Hole, Anna, Blackmar's Reef, Clayton's Holler, Coppedge Tug, East Fourteen or Gator Bowl, Hudgins, Middle Ground, Montgomery's Reef, Rabbits Lair