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Diving at dive site Ginnie Springs with some geologic evidence about the origin of this spring.

Name Dive Site:Ginnie Springs
Depth: 9-19ft (3-6m)
Inserted/Added by: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

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Most of the springs near High Springs city are connected with the Santa Fe River. Ginnie Springs is the name of a crystal clear spring just northeast of High Springs city. It is a large bowl shaped area of 18 feet deep and over 100 feet across with a sandy bottom covered with numerous limestone outcrops and boulders. At its bottom you will find the Ginnie Cavern, a cavern which is safe to enter for all level of divers. Its upper room shines in the brightest of limestone reflections. To the left is another cavern named the Ballroom which is a fine example where you can see some of the geologic marks necessary for a spring to occur. The back of the Ballroom is sealed off to prevent divers from entering the maze and muddy like cave system that lies behind it.

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