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The Tortuga was sunk in order of the producer of the movie Fair Game with Cindy Crawford and William Baldwin.

Name Dive Site:Tortuga Wreck or Fair Game
Depth: 78-108ft (24-33m)
Accessibility: Boat, Live-aboard
Inserted/Added by: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

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The Tortuga or Fair Game is special because it is one of the ships that was sunk mainly by film producers in cooperation with DERM (Department of Environmental Resource Management). In the movie Fair Game with Cindy Crawford and William Baldwin they used the ship to create some excellent shots when the two movie stars just managed to escape from the vessel. This 165 foot long steel freighter landed upright on the ocean floor in April, 1995 in waters of one hundred feet deep. She is situated in the Pflueger Reef Site at just five miles north of Government Cut.

Once the dive boat has reached this dive site it is often necessary for dive masters to attach its anchor somewhere on the wreck so that divers can use the rope to go down. Always start your dive against the current and be sure to hold the rope as the current is often strong. Several large openings were created which make it fairly easy for wreck enthusiasts to penetrate and visit the wreck. It is therefore famous for the beginning wreck divers and even many advanced open water divers visit here to do their wreck dive. Its upper deck starts at ninety feet, its propellers are still fully intact and its wheelhouse is a gem to look at. Many pelagic species can be encountered together with species such as snapper, boxfish and barracuda.

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