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Lars Hemel
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Diving at the beautiful reefs and shipwrecks of Biscayne National Park.

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Biscayne National Park is one of Florida's earliest parks which obtained its National Monument status in 1968 and became a National park in 1980. It consists out of many smaller islands with Elliot Key known as the northern most real coral island that starts the 200 mile long Florida Keys. Diving can be done here year around in warm waters with not more than shorts, air, regulator, bcd and some common sense to have an excellent time. Reefs such as Triumph Reef, Ajax Reef, Long Reef and Pacific Reef have resulted in many wrecks, groove coral formations, rich fish life and fantastic marine encounters. Most divers skip Biscayne and drive southwards right away to Key Largo, which makes it a quiet dive destination.

Biscayne National Park is not only famous for its diving but also for its shoreline full of mangroves creating an area full of patch reefs, sparkling waters and a huge variety of wildlife. Biscayne Bay is a shallow sanctuary with crystal clear waters and many juvenile fish, but also birds such as white ibis, blue herons and snowy egrets wandering around for food. Ecotourism, kayaking, canoeing, glass bottomed boat tours, snorkelling and diving are several of the top attractions which can be done in these emerald waters. Its historic value is large as almost all the islands have remains of early native Indians, ancient farming methods and small archaeological and geological items such as pottery and coins. Other highlights of this area are historic Stiltsville, joining the Biscayne Explorer Program and visiting the Cape Florida State Recreation Area with its lighthouse picnic spot. Or just visit some of the Visitor Centres to find other attractions you might enjoy. It shouldn't be hard to find some interesting things to see or do around here.

Some of the best known dive sites are the Doc de Milly and a 2nd world war US Army supply ship named the Almirante. At such a short distance from Miami it is a gem for divers around the world.

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