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Lars Hemel
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Doc De Milly is an artificial reefs that was brought to the ocean floor with the help of Air Force and its cluster bombs.

Name Dive Site:Doc De Milly
Depth: 68-137ft (21-42m)
Accessibility: Boat, Live-aboard
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Shipwreck Doc De Milly is a 287 foot long steel freighter that was built in 1949 under the name Nuevo Rio. Before its scuttling she was renamed to the Doc De Milly in memory of a local Miami veterinarian. The Department of Environmental Resource Management (DERM) scuttled her on March 6, 1986 by controlled charges and remote detonators. The United States Air Force flew by and showed the audience what an impact many concrete bombs can have on a ship this size. For them it was a training practice, while the people got an idea of the terror of war; it was of course a great event attracting many tourist and locals. Nowadays she is located several hundred yards east of the Pacific Reef Lighthouse, far into Biscayne National Park.

This huge sixty foot high wreck sits upright and is fully intact with several interesting parts to explore. The wreck is so large that you need more than a single dive to see it all. Within the wreck are some resident goliath groupers hiding from the ever present strong current. Because of her distance from Miami she is not often dived at by local dive operators, but it is worth the relatively long boat ride.

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