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Lars Hemel
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Diving at the dive sites near Key Largo and Tavernier at the most Northern Key closest to Miami.

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Diving and snorkelling at Key Largo is famous as it is the best developed area next to America's only living barrier reef. Tavernier just to the south is much more quiet and famous for its Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center and Harry Harris Park. Key Largo calls itself "Dive Capital of the World" and once in the water, you'll understand why. There are dive sites of all kinds and in all sorts you can imagine; from simple shallow reef dives for beginners to deep shipwrecks dives for the professionals. Marine live flourishes, not in the last place because the area is protected since 1960 and many artificial reefs and boats have been scuttled ever since. Over 600 different species of tropical fish have been catalogued here, and there is a strict policy about maintaining, feeding and controlling populations here.

Spear fishing and deep-sea sport fishing are some of the other main tourist activities. You can go on a tour to catch sailfish, bonefish, redfish and tarpon. Its proximity to the Everglades also provide for quite a few kayakers and bird watching tourists while others just want to relax at the beach or enjoy a cocktail in the hammock.

Key Largo is with 33 miles the largest most Northern Key of the Florida's chain of Keys. It is also the only key which is connected with mainland Florida, through the drawbridge at Jewfish creek and through the smaller Card Sound Road. Key Largo has a subtropical climate with land and water temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees all year around. It has the Everglades National Park in its west and the only living barrier reef of America, John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park at its east. It is the only area in the world where you will find such as difference between life at the Keys and life in Miami, only 60 miles away. It is an area with winding roads through tropical hardwoods and crystal clear blue lagoons.

Some of the best known dive sites in Key Largo are the 510 feet long Navy Spiegel Grove and the Dry Rocks with its brilliant coral and beautiful statue of Christ. Whether you want to snorkel or dive, there are enough interesting places underwater to take a look at.

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- Key Largo Undersea Park home of Jules' Undersea Lodge, 51 Shoreland ...

Key Largo Undersea Park home of Jules' U...

Key Largo Undersea Park home o...
 51 Shoreland Dr.
Key Largo

Key Largo Undersea Park is the best place for instructors to bring their students when you can't make it to the ocean due to weather. We have hot showers a controled environment and a restaurant right next door.  We have dive gear as well.

Jules' Undersea Lodge is the only underwater lodge in the world where old technology is still alive.  Come spend the night in our world famous undersea museum.
- Scuba-Fun, 99850 Overseas Highway, Key Largo


Scuba-Fun Key Largo
(305) 394-5046
(305) 451-1935
 99850 Overseas Highway
Key Largo

We are a very personal dive center with great service. Dive the beautiful reefs of Pennekamp State Park and the cool wrecks with us!

Take the full range of PADI instruction with us, or just do some great diving. We offer packages, hotel and resort booking, and we also book lots of topside adventures for you!

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