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The Governor's River Walk Reef was dedicated to Governor Jeb Bush in his actions against drug smuggling and drugs in particular.

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The Governor's River Walk Reef consist out of four wrecks situated a bit more than a mile south of Palm Beach Inlet and just east of South Double Ledges. The artificial reef was dedicated to Governor Jeb Bush for his efforts in fighting crime. All four ships tried to ferry drugs into America, Miami where they were intercepted by the US Coast Guard as part of operation Riverwalk. This wreck dive site is relatively young for Palm Beach, but coral and marine life have already fully accepted the wrecks and are starting to create an amazing and unique dive site.

Dive sites that make up the Governor's River Walk Reef are the Gilbert Sea, Sasha Boekenier, St Jacques and Thozina. The last three have also been connected by creating an additional line of more than one thousand ton of lime rock boulders. These visual corridors between the wrecks improve its marine life. All four wrecks can be dived in a single drift dive but omitting the most northern Gilbert Sea and visiting three wrecks is more relaxing. Cleaning and preparing the wrecks with holes was done for about 35.000 dollars each. Recent hurricanes have damaged all wrecks. All four ships have been twisted in an angle of at least 45 degrees. Its holds are severely broken, its bow and/or stern are separated from the rest and all of them have excellent places where adventurous trained wreck divers can enter the wreck.

Reef researchers have reported over twenty families and seventy species of fish at Governor's River Walk Reef. Some worth mentioning are creole-fish and white telesto gorgonians. The wrecks are not old enough for hard corals to grow yet.

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