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Lars Hemel
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The Adulphus Busch Sr. was named after the help of one of their beer transport ships.

Name Dive Site:Adolphus Busch Sr.
Depth: 82-108ft (25-33m)
Accessibility: Boat, Live-aboard
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Adulphus Busch Sr is a 210 foot long freighter which was scuttled on a perfect sunny day in December 1999 attracting more than 700 spectators. No impressive bomb raids from the United States Air Force were used as they decided to scuttle her inside a protected sanctuary, just six miles southwest of Big Pine Key. The twelve holes that were created in its hull filled the ship quickly with water and made her unable to stay afloat. She quietly sank to her final resting place, creating one of the best new wrecks in the area. She was originally built in Scotland, 1951 and sailed under the names London, Windsor Trader, Topsail Star and Ocean Alley. She was finally found out of service in the docks of Haiti. It was Looe Key Reef Program that bought her and towed her back to Florida with the help of the Adulphus Busch IV. When she was scuttled they renamed her after Adulphus, a senior member of the Busch brewing family, never to forget their assistance in transporting the ship.

To create alternative dive sites compared with those at shallow Looe Key, Looe Key Reef Programs decided to sink some ships in deeper waters, just a few miles to the west. Adulphus Busch Sr was the first in their plan to reduce the amount of divers at Looe Key. The twelve holes, large enough for divers to swim through, make it easy to penetrate the ship and to see its internal structure. Some enormous jewfish are present at this dive site, which is also often used for technical divers and wreck divers.

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- Bonsai Diving, 1075 Duval St, C-9, Key West

Bonsai Diving

Bonsai Diving
(305) 294-2921
(305) 294-2921
 1075 Duval St, C-9
Key West

Enjoy the comfort of a high speed catamaran, with a max of 6 divers on board, to the best dive sites around Key West. We feature unrestricted bottom times, guided wreck penetrations, better sites, unparalleled customer service, a perfect safety record, and a laid back attitude to ensure that you get the most enjoyment from your trip


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Name: bonsai_diving

An excellent dive when it has been calm for a few days. The wreck sits in silty sand which clouds the wreck on rougher days. Totally stripped wreck. Easy, safe penetrations on 4 levels. Computer diving with safety stops recommended. Lots of fish life!

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