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The US Navy Dive Tender 14 (YDT-14) is a wreck with loads of marine life and few coral growth.

Name Dive Site:YDT 14 Wreck
Depth: 59-91ft (18-28m)
Inserted/Added by: steve

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This ship is a US Navy Dive Tender (YDT). These ships provide diving support services to US Navy diving personnel during the performance of a variety of marine salvage and recovery operations. YDT 14 is a YDT-14 Class Diving Tender who's keel was laid on December 8 1941. She was initially designated self-propelled covered lighter YF-294 and was constructed at Erie Concrete & Steel Co., Erie, PA. She was launched June 27 1942, delivered and placed in service as YF-294 on December 10 1942. She was named Phoebus on June 8 1965 and she was re-designated Diving Tender YDT-14 in March 1974. It is not known exactly when she was placed out of service. However, she was struck from the Naval Register on May 17 1999. Final disposition lists her as sunk as part of an artificial reef in 90' of water off Escambia County, FL., in April 2000. She displaces 300 tons light and 650 tons loaded. Her length is 132' 6", her beam is 30', her draft is 8' and her speed is 10 kts. She carries no armament, and a complement of 11 personnel. While her propulsion is unknown, she has two propellers. Her sister ship YDT 15 is also sunk nearby as part of the artificial reef program.

As of September 2006, when the attached video was shot, the ship remained in excellent condition. It is not known if the general absence of growth on the hull, after 6 and a half years underwater, is a result of the quality of the paint used by the US Navy or the massive amount of fish which call this ship home. Access to the inside of the ship is limited due to the small passage ways and the maze of pipes weaving their way around the larger openings. However, the wheel house and communication compartments on top of the ship can be easily entered by divers.

Accessible by several of the dive charter boats in Pensacola, This site is located 18 miles offshore in 95' of water at: N 30° 05.330' W 087° 09.640'. The ship provides divers approximately 30 feet of relief from the sand making this a dive which is well within recreational limits. However, due to the distance from shore and occasional currents this dive is generally thought to be for advanced recreational divers.

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