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The Trench is a Boca Raton sewage pipe nowadays overgrown with several types of coral.

Name Dive Site:Outfall Trench or Moray Alley
Depth: 42-59ft (13-18m)
Accessibility: Boat, Live-aboard
Inserted/Added by: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

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Outfall Trench is a man made one hundred yards long sewage pipe that cuts through all three of the reef lines. It is a fifteen foot wide trench creating steep walls of ten feet high in an east to west direction. At the end of the trench are piles of rock, rubbish and cables that create living spaces for many creatures. One of its other names is Moray Alley after the amount of green, spotted and golden tail moray eels that are found here. You can easily end your dive by drifting back to Breakers Reef, located only a mile north.

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