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Lars Hemel
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Davis Reef or Davis Ledge is a very popular diving and snorkelling destination for dive boats in Islamorada.

Name Dive Site:Davis Reef or Davis Ledge
Depth: 19-68ft (6-21m)
Accessibility: Boat, Live-aboard
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Davis Reef lies right in between Conch Reef, Crocker Reef and some of the Spanish Galleons to the northeast. As it is one of the outer reefs it is particularly known because of its large schools of fish. There are several mooring buoys but dive sites Davis Ledge and Buddha are by far the most popular. A small SPA (Sanctuary Preservation Area) marked by yellow buoys is present at the center of the reef.

The five to ten foot high ledge is a great spot for observing grunts while nurse sharks, eels, lobsters and green morays love to hide in the shade. Other interesting sights along the reef are a two foot long Buddha statue placed in 1989 at the south end of the reef. Its belly and head are fully shining because of all the divers who touch it believing in Buddha's good luck. Offshore Davis Reef is the area where fishermen are very active which might be a good area for the more adventurous divers to encounter some of the largest game fish ever seen. Davis Reef is an easy and shallow reef often used by trainee divers doing their skills and enjoying their first dives. It is a reef easily reaches by boats from Lower Plantation Key, Windley Key and Upper Matecumbe Key, making it a popular and crowded destination for boats such as snorkel tours. Nevertheless, colours are great with an enormous diversity of marine life.


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