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Lars Hemel
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PADI 471740
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Hen and Chickens Reef consists out of a large patch surrounded by smaller patches as a mother chicken surrounded by its chicks.

Name Dive Site:Hen & Chickens Reef
Depth: 3-29ft (1-9m)
Visibility: 19-59ft (6-18m)
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A nice reef named Hen & Chickens is located at two miles southeast of Windley Key and Plantation Key. Boats shouldn't have any trouble finding it as she is marked by a 35 foot high light tower. To protect its natural resources and wildlife she is protected as a Sanctuary Preservation Area (SPA), where fishing, coral collecting and lobstering is forbidden. Its name is coming from its location which looks like a large 'hen' patch protected by several smaller 'chicken' patches. From out of the air it looks like a mother hen surrounded by smaller chickens.

Hens and Chickens is a spectacular dive site not in the last place because of its phenomenal reef structure. Many mounds of brain, star and staghorn coral can be found, while sponges, plumes, fans and candelabra soft coral in all colours create a high variety dive site. Surgeon fish, snook, small groupers, parrot fish and angelfish are the most common reef fish that live and feed of the coral. It is sheltered from heavy seas which always makes sure for very quiet and calm waters. It is close to shore which reduces visibilities especially during the winter months. Enjoy diving and snorkeling here at this beautiful coloured place.

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