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Lars Hemel
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Diving at a 18th century British warship the HMS Looe

Name Dive Site:HMS Looe
Depth: 19-29ft (6-9m)
Inserted/Added by: braddock

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The HMS Looe, a British warship build in 1741, is one of the sights east of Looe Key. It was a gunned frigate which was patrolling the coast of Florida to protect British interest. She struck the reef in 1744 during a huge storm. Captain Ashby Utting decided to burn the HMS Looe to the ground to prevent the Spanish from salvaging anything of value. Fortunately its crew captured a small vessel named Betty and everybody reached land safely.

At 200 yards towards the ocean side of marker buoy #24 you can see some items that remain as proof of its existence. Not much other than some ballast stones and some copper plating is left today. Its anchor chain is completely encrusted with finger coral growing around it. Around the eastern side of Looe Key are many more boat markers where diving is possible at several other wrecks and beautiful coral ridges.

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Name: braddock

Shouldn't your web page title say 18th century? The 1700s were the 18th century. My 6th great-grandfather, Capt. William Lyford Sr. was pilot of the Loo(e) when she ran aground.

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