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Diving at this fantastic American tugboat named the Orion Wreck

Name Dive Site:Orion
Depth: 78-98ft (24-30m)
Accessibility: Boat, Live-aboard
Inserted/Added by: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

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At only 3 miles west of Key Biscayne lies a 118 foot long United States Navy tugboat named Orion Wreck or Trinada. She was originally build for the Panama Canal Company back in 1928 and used to guide ships from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean for almost 50 years. After that it was docked for a period of five years on the Miami River, when local government decided to donated it to Dade County to prepare an artificial reef of it. She was one of the first wrecks that was intentionally scuttled near Miami in December 22, 1982, located at the southwest tip of Orion Reef. They planned her to reach the ocean floor at a depth of 125 feet but heavy winds and current dragged her to much shallower waters of 95 feet deep.

Groupers hide along the many metal parts around the area and are easily scared away to the nearby deeper Orion Reef. Coral and sponges grow almost everywhere along this steel hulled wreck and attract many reef fish and larger pelagic species. Hurricane Andrew tore off its wheelhouse in 1992 and relocated it right next to the wreck, often full with baitfish. Located next to the Gulf Stream this dive site often struggles with heavy currents but she remained located upright during all her diving history. At its western side are huge gorgonians that make up great wide angle photographs. Its ten foot high propeller shows all its colours especially when adding some light to it. Being one of Miami's most frequented dive sites it is also one of the most impressive and a must dive while in the area.

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