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The Budweiser Tony Combination is a small dive area where two famous wrecks are connected to another by trails of rubble.

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Just offshore Delray Beach, Boca Raton at four miles south of Boynton Inlet is an area where several wrecks and artificial reefs are situated close together. The Budweiser Bar Wreck and Captain Tony (MV Becks) are two very well maintained dive sites which are often dived in one fantastic dive. They are connected with an artificial reef rubble trail of rock piles and boulders dropped there by Palm Beach County. As it will cost you about ten minutes to swim from one wreck to the other we advise you only to do them both in one if you use nitrox or rebreathing equipment. Several other sights of interests nearby are a shipwreck named Castor and reef named Genesis Reef that connects all the sites with each other.

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