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Lars Hemel
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PADI 471740
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Horseshoe Reef can be one of the best diving sites near Key Largo especially after calm days and inshore currents.

Name Dive Site:Horseshoe Reef
Depth: 3-22ft (1-7m)
Visibility: 19-78ft (6-24m)
Accessibility: Boat, Live-aboard
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Horseshoe Reef is diving at a small and nice reef that lies right between Dry Rocks and Elbow Reef, but then closer to shore. Its name may be explained by a small U shaped sandy hole on the northern section of the reef while its overall shape is a long strait bank of coral. Visibility can be substantially reduced this close to shore so keep an eye on the weather. A few calm days with an inward Gulf Stream can make this site one of the best dive sites that can be visited in the Keys. Other sights are an encrusted anchor and some small blocks of pumice (type of volcanic rock).

It is an healthy reef with loads of tropical fish, large boulders, star corals and elkhorn coral inside cracks and crevices in and on top of the reef system. Jacks and snappers hunting at schools of silversides will be an amazing sight. Horseshoe Reef is a reef which is mostly visited by snorkeling tours and barely visited by divers. Some warnings for boats; be careful during low tide as the reef gets very shallow at several points; be aware for snorkelers as this area is not without reason crowded with them.

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