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Lars Hemel
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PADI 471740
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Devil's Den is a prehistoric dive site where remains of sabre tooth tigers and mankind have been found.

Name Dive Site:Devil's Den or Prehistoric Spring
Depth: 9-68ft (3-21m)
Accessibility: Shore
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Devil's Den or Prehistoric Spring is one of the springs where lots of prehistoric evidence has been found, mainly remains of bones and fossils from the Pleistocene Age. Examples are remains of sabre toothed tigers, giant sloth bones and some bones of man dating 75.000 years B.C. This spring has a temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit year around which provides for steam, referred to as smoke, coming out of its chimney in the winter months. Gear up at one of the picnic tables, start your fifty steps down inside the cave and enter the one hundred foot wide spring with a giant stride entry. Stalactites, great rock formations, narrow swimthroughs, and many fossils on the wall are some of the highlights underwater. Brass and catfish will greet you when entering the pool.

The area has a dive shop where equipment can be rent and where some artefacts resemble to a very small museum. There is a fishing lake special for fisherman, swimmers have their own place and it is possible to rent fully professional camping gear in case you want to stay for a few nights. Located just northeast of Williston this spring is perfect for a relaxing dive combined with a picnic.

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