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The Andro was one of Germany's top luxury yachts before the United States confiscated it and turned it into a war ship.

Name Dive Site:Andro
Depth: 78-104ft (24-32m)
Inserted/Added by: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

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The Andro was built in 1918 and is one of Germany's best private cruising yachts from the time before World War II. She consists mostly out of wood and has a classic high bow and rounded-off tail. The United States converted many sea worthy vessels into war ships during the Second World War, so also the Andro. Before she was ready to be used as a coastal submarine chaser, she received machine guns and changed its former electric motors to diesel engines. After the war she was used as a short haul, inter-island freighter near New York, finally ending up getting caught by United States custom patrol boats when she was transporting illegal drugs along the Atlantic coast between Miami and the Bahamas. She finally became the property of the Department of Environmental Resource Management (DERM) and was scuttled by Miami's Bomb Squad inside the Haulover Artificial Reef Site on the 17th of December of 1985.

The Andro has a height of more than 35 feet which has something to offer for all divers at various depths. Hurricane Andrew broke her in three parts making much of its internal structure visible. She remained upright on the ocean floor however. Its twin propellers near the stern are still in excellent conditions, wile other interesting sights include its smokestacks, its engine block and its huge fully intact wheelhouse.

This dive site is also extremely popular for fishermen, especially crowded during high tide. Be careful as fishing lines and its stripped open jumbled structure make the wreck extremely dangerous, but more exciting as well with plenty of game fish around.

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