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Lars Hemel
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Dive location Sambo Reefs is a collection of reefs named Eastern, Middle and Western Sambo.

Name Dive Site:Sambo Reefs
Depth: 13-49ft (4-15m)
Accessibility: Boat, Live-aboard
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Diving at Sambo Reefs is actually diving at a collection of reefs named Eastern, Middle and Western Sambo, separated by masses of white sand. They are often visited by local dive boats and snorkelling tours as they are only four miles south of Boca Chica Key and only five miles from Key West. An Ecological Reserve, where population, spawning and reproduction of marine life can continue without being disturbed, stretches for more than nine miles along the Sambo Reefs. A small Sanctuary Preservation Area (SPA) is located near Western Sambo and marked with orange buoys. It is such a large area that there are still enough places where fisherman and shell collectors can do their daily business.

One of the more popular dive sites are the enormous fields of brain coral with its belonging grass beds that exist on Western Sambo. Several dive sites have appeared and named such as Cannonball Cut with its high population of spiny lobster. Blue parrotfish, queen conch, trumpet fish and grunts navigate around the massive star corals at Haystacks. And strands of elkhorn coral and a boat rudder can be found at the Lounge, near buoy number eight. There is enough variety for all level of divers to have a top dive.

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- Lost Reef Adventures, 261 Margaret Street, 33040

Lost Reef Adventures

Lost Reef Adventures
(305) 296-9737
 261 Margaret Street
Key West

Lost Reef Adventures is a full service dive shop located at the historic Lands End Marina in Key West with two daily dive and snorkel trips. We have been serving the Keys from our dockside location since 1985. We carry a full line of scuba diving and snorkeling equipment for rent or purchase. Lowest air prices in Key West! In addition, we offer all PADI and NAUI scuba diving certifications.

Lost Reef Adventures, located in the historic Key West Bight, has been serving lower keys visitors and locals from our dockside location since 1985.

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Name: bonsai_diving

The entire W. Sambos Reef is a SPA which extends all the way to the shore from the reef. Once a spectacular reef it has damaged heavily by Hurricane Georges followed by coral bleaching. The Haystacks and The Cut are the most popular sites on this reef and are still good dives.

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