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Diving at dive site DEMA Trader which was caught by patrol boats smuggling drugs.

Name Dive Site:DEMA Trader or GGD Trader
Depth: 59-82ft (18-25m)
Visibility: 9-29ft (3-9m)
Accessibility: Boat, Live-aboard
Inserted/Added by: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

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The DEMA Trader or GGD Trader is a 165-foot long freighter which was taken into custody by Miami coastguards when it was smuggling drugs. October 2003 was the time that the Dive Equipment and Marketing Association had a huge international trade-only event for businesses related with diving and action water sports. Named after this convention the DEMA Trader was scuttled in October 28th located just 3.5 miles west of Key Biscayne.

Before it went down to the ocean floor, its former galley and cabins were provided with safe openings for the experienced wreck divers. Many kilogram's of extra weights were added to the wreck to make sure that it shouldn't relocate because of huge hurricanes and storms as it had been the case with many ships before. Many dive shops offer underwater motorized tours to several wrecks in the area. A nice roundtrip can be made, starting at the DEMA Trader, but taking a look at a smaller barge named Sarah Jane and visiting the famous Sheri Lynn and Rio Miami as well. If you want to see lots and lots of coral formations and marine life, don't go here. Because of her age she hasn't had time to be overgrown with coral and swarmed with fish.

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Name: jochen_kreischer

This ship was previously named the MS Alk, built in 1957. At this ship I have sailed as a sailor in 1965. [translated from German]

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