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Diving at this huge Dutch freighter named the Jim Atria Wreck or Poinciana.

Name Dive Site:Jim Atria Wreck or Poinciana
Depth: 88-134ft (27-41m)
Visibility: 9-29ft (3-9m)
Accessibility: Boat, Live-aboard
Inserted/Added by: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

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The Jim Atria or Poinciana was a 240-foot long Dutch freighter build in 1961 which transported goods through the North Sea, the Netherlands, and later between the Caribbean and Miami. A citizen of Broward County named Jim Atria bought the wreck when it sank on the Miami River in 1982. Some years later in September 1987 it was scuttled as an artificial reef 5 miles north of Port Everglades Cut at roughly a mile offshore inside the third reef line.

She was originally sunk in 110 foot of water resting on the ocean floor on her port side, but hurricane Andrew changed her depth to 135 foot and relocated her into an upright position. The three masts are still quite intact and can be seen when diving to the northwest of the wreck. Marine life is great around and at the wreck with scallops, spiny oysters and clams hiding and playing at the many metal parts that are scattered around the place. Other common fish are groupers, hogfish and many large pelagic schools such as barracuda and silversides.

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