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Diving Radio Tower Pyramids, a dive site consisting out of 19 tetrahedron shaped antennas.

Name Dive Site:Radio Tower Pyramids, Ben's Antenna Reef
Depth: 29-49ft (9-15m)
Inserted/Added by: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

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Dive site Radio Tower Pyramids consists out of nineteen steel radio antennas, originally used as a transmission system for Radio Mambi. It is known by many names such as Penrods Tetrahedrons, Penrods Tetras Reef, Ben's Antenna Reef but they all refer to the same selection of concrete antennas and belonging rubble.

It was former director of DERM Ben Mastkoff, creating artificial reef dive sites for over 20 years, who came with the idea of using old radio antennas for that purpose. Several research facilities such as the Florida Institute of Technology and the Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center have conducted studies about concrete rubble and its influences on marine life, protecting beaches from excessive waves (rubble mounds breakwaters) and sand erosion, so far coming out with the results you would like to hear.

The twenty foot high tetrahedron shaped antennas rise to 30 foot from the surface and are great impressive structures to navigate around. These pyramid structures have known to maximize surface area for its current flow, creating perfect conditions for aquatic life to increase in number. All the large and smaller concrete blocks have created an area where juvenile fish have great chances to grow, being fed and breed. The site is often used by navigational trainee divers as the antennas are still capable of interfering with your compass.

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