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Diving at dive site Sheri-Lynn which was donated to DERM after a unpaid docking period of one year.

Name Dive Site:Sheri-Lynn
Depth: 72-88ft (22-27m)
Accessibility: Boat, Live-aboard
Inserted/Added by: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

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The MV Sheri-Lyn was a 235 foot long Dutch owned freighter launched in 1952 originally named the MV Mirach N. With a beam of 32 foot she is a big vessel which changed names and ownership quite a few times. Finally the MV Sheri-Lyn ended up on Miami River at the Jones boat yard for more than a year. When the owner was gone and money for its docking wasn't received anymore, she was donated to DERM (Department of Environmental Resource Management). With a huge blast they let it sank in order to create an artificial reef in June 18, 1987.

The Sheri-Lyn was upright and fully intact until 1992 when hurricane Andrew broke it in two larger pieces and scattered the rest around the area. All the small parts that covered the area have helped creating a large area for marine life and coral formations to live well. Other interesting things to dive at nearby are many open Chevron tanks, several cement mixer tanks and several forgotten unidentified wrecks.

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