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Diving at one of the best dive sites in Palm Beach; the Greek luxury vessel the Mispah.

Name Dive Site:Mispah Wreck
Depth: 68-88ft (21-27m)
Inserted/Added by: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

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The Mispah is a 185 foot long Greek luxury liner built in 1926. Portholes, doors and several cargo holds were opened to create a safe and luminous wreck dive for local divers and tourists alike. Drift diving here is often combined with a dive to the Amaryllis, less than 300 yards to the north.

Nowadays this steel yacht lies upright in waters of only 70 foot deep and has been hit by many storms. Its stern and bow were severely damaged in 1991 while hurricane Andrew didn't do much with the wreck. Loose cables were removed which makes it completely safe to explore its cargo holds and passageways. Even non wreck trained divers will have a great time investigating its three tiered deck and meeting all its uncommon residents. It is a protected sanctuary where only diving is allowed. All kinds of fishing, lobsterring and collecting shells are now prohibited by law. She is without doubt one of the best dive sites in Palm Beach and even some say the best in all of greater Miami.

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